One thing after another! The reason for the last of posts lately is the bloomin’ laptop again. This time the charger died….and we didn’t realise until the battery was almost dead. It took Mr H a little time to work out where to get one from, but here we are now….working again. Sadly we didn’t have the desktop set up properly after the move (I know, that was 3 1/2 months ago!) and so I couldn’t use that. We have now got it set up, but it’s still not ready for internet use as the virus checker etc are not fully up to date yet.

The munchkin is brilliant at the moment, she’s a real laugh. She’s found her voice and is getting very vocal at times, and she’s starting to roll all over the place.

I’m ok, my depression seems to be getting under control with the medication (yay!) and I’m feeling much more positive. Less positive is that I’m having to have another onlay (inlay?) put on my broken tooth which means another visit to the dentist (urgh!). At the moment I’m struggling to talk and dribbling lots after the preparatory work the dentist had to do….fun! I’m doing more card making and am currently trying to persuade Mr H to let me buy some bits from Ebay….

Anyway, need to go as someone has just woken from her nap….bye!