…continued from yesterday…

The rest of last week was relatively quiet. I went to see the community mental health team on Tuesday. Didn’t really get any suggestions for how to help myself from them, they’re happy to see how things go with my increased medication and trying to get myself out and about somewhere each day.

The munchkin rolled over from back to front for the first time on Wednesday, she’s nearly been doing it for a while, but had never worked out how to get her arm out from underneath her. Now, however she’s rolling around all over the place. She keeps getting herself caught in her cot with her arm through the bars. While she can roll from her front to her back she finds it a lot harder and tends to want help to get back onto her back.

Thursday was a quiet day, Friday I went back to Cambridge to meet up with some friends. Spent even more money on card making stuff in Lakeland and Tindalls…..£160 spent in total last week alone!!!

We went into London on the spur of the moment on Saturday to look for some good marker pens for me and Mr H to use. Mr H for his work and me for card making….may mean us spending another £60 or so as Mr H wants Letraset Promarkers. Didn’t manage to find any stockists of them though so we’ll have to look online.

Yesterday was just spent doing the food shopping for the week and then chilling out (watching Bridget Jones 2 on DVD!). We just needed some rest after the week and weekend we’d just had.