I did intend to post on Tuesday when we got back from Kent, but blogger wouldn’t let me in and then we discovered several viruses on the computer. We’ve only just got everything up and working again properly, we almost had to reinstall windows just to get the computer working.

Kent was good, if not mad at times! Saturday morning started with us having so go shopping first thing to buy Mam bottles and a steriliser for the munchkin. She refused point blank to drink from the steri-bottles we had bought for her and after 12 hours without getting much milk down her we had to shop! We did want to buy some Mam bottles anyway as the Tommee Tippee ones we have are leaking now, but we really didn’t want to have to buy a steriliser.

Most of the rest of the day was spent by the sea. I love being by the sea. We went down to Hythe and Dymchurch. Had fantastic fish and chips (WW….ooppss…) and a really nice walk along the sea wall. We followed this up by shopping, we went to the outlet centre near our hotel. Finally managed to buy a black jacket I like and get Mr H some pjs. Didn’t get anything for the munchkin though…would have loved to spend lots of money on cute clothes for her, but she really doesn’t need anything and we don’t have a huge amount of money to spare.

Saturday night was disturbed by an idiot in another room deciding to try smoking in a non smoking hotel. The fire alarm woke us all up at 11 pm (we’d gone to bed at 10 for an early night….we were shattered). The alarm turned off before we left the room, but not before I had the munchkin up, coat out ready and my shoes on. It took us an hour to resettle the munchkin properly to go back to sleep. It was incredibly un-nerving for me. The alarm was exactly the same sound as that when I was at college. It really mad me panicky. I didn’t enjoy my time at college (at points…some times were great and I have some great friends from there) and going back there was hard. It was ingrained in me how to behave when the alarm rang. We had drills every term and had to all be out of the building within two minutes or we had another drill within a week or so. These drills were all at night, between midnight and 1 or 5 and 6am. At the hotel last week I had my shoes on and the munchin out of her cot before Mr H was even properly awake, it was so ingrained in me to get out quickly.

Sunday, when we eventually got up (!) we went out to Bodiam castle. Had a nice lunch at the café there and a lovely wander round the castle in the sunshine. Back to the outlet centre to look at shops we hadn’t had time to on Saturday and we left with Mr H’s wallet £125 lighter after visiting one shop! There was a great paper craft shop, Mr H encouraged me to buy bits (he kind of regrets that!) and I managed to get some really nice and fun bits to experiment with for my card making.

Monday we just sauntered back home and crashed out. The munchkin didn’t sleep brilliantly away so nor did we.

The whole weekend didn’t help my weight loss…put back on the 2 lbs I lost the week before… I really don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain my weight (when/if I get there) without counting all my points all the time.

This is a long post already. I’ll hopefully update on the rest of the week tomorrow.