I haven’t posted about the diet for a while. Well, that’s because I completely fell off the wagon when I went away to my gran’s. I put on 3 lbs in a week! This week hasn’t been great either with the munchkin being poorly and me feeling under the weather as well. I went a couple of days without counting points and eating what I wanted to some extent, I did manage to get myself back on track and go for a good walk so lost 2 lbs, but I’m still not where I was.

At least the munchkin is getting better now. After having a few days where we couldn’t get a giggle out of her, she’s really perking up and getting back to her happy little self. The cold seems to have helped her find her voice as well. She has a very interesting (and loud!) range of squeals now.

This will be my last post for a few days now as we’re going away for the weekend. We’re going down the Kent as it’s an area neither of us have been to before. No idea what we’re going to do down there…apart from stay in a Travelodge (managed to get a family room for £26 a night).

Have a good weekend! Bye!