…well the munchkin had a better night last night, up at 4ish and then up at 7:30ish. And even then Mr H took her downstairs and let me sleep on (I woke at 10 when he brought her up for a nap) She’s still got a streaming cold but has been a bit perkier. However, her rash has worsened so we’re going to try and see a doctor tomorrow and just check it’s ok.

I’m feeling a bit better having had a decent amount of sleep; I think part of my problems stem from tiredness, I frequently struggle to get to sleep (at least once a week it’ll take me up to 2 hours to sleep and it’ll be over 30 minutes a few nights a week) and if we’ve had a tough night it’s a real struggle to get up.

We’ve had a good day today. We’ve managed to get some more furniture where it’s going to stay long term and put away some things in the loft…it’s only taken us 3 months since we moved and we’ve still got loads to do! We’ll get there eventually…