Can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I posted last! Sorry to anyone who came looking for an update.

Weaning wise things are going quite well. The munchkin will eat butternut squash as well as carrot. She’ll now tolerate apple and peach with rice (yay fruit!!!) and she’ll eat pea and parsnip (surprisingly smelly green goo!).

My little sister and her fiance have been staying this weekend after going to a wedding not too far away from here. It’s been great to see them but has reminded me of how we find it hard to get on with one another after any length of time…. We still bicker like little kids at times. I try so hard to be patient with her and try not to let her get on my wick but it’s difficult. She’s very prejudiced at times and doesn’t really share my views at all…. We’re about as different as 2 sisters with the same two parents can be… Oh well, they’re going tomorrow…though we’ll see them at my gran’s birthday next weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly, it’s just hard work spending much time together.

Anyway, better go, we’ve just finished watching Four Weddings (been typing as I watch). Will try and be back later. Bye!