…or not! Well the munchkin refused to go to sleep. Ended up lying on our bed with her in my arms trying to get her to rest (I know…not always a good idea, but I was getting desperate!), well that didn’t work either, she just wanted to eat my fingers, chew my hair, pull my nose off and grab my glasses! We gave up after a while and just brought her downstairs again. It was raining by this point so I couldn’t take her out for a walk. She had another feed soon after and went for a short nap after that. I just hope she sleeps well tonight, she’s gone down fine so far.

We’ve made some good progress on sorting out the living room in the house today, it’d been full of boxes and pretty much un-usable since we moved in, but with my sister and her fiance coming to stay next weekend and probably sleeping on an airbed in there it needed doing. It’ll be lovely to have proper chill out space. We’re going to try and have it as a kid free room unless watching TV or a video/DVD…that’s the aim anyway…

Sad discovery today in the process though, our last surviving tropical fish has died. NOt really a surprise, the only place the tank could go when we first moved in was in one spot that got a lot of sunshine (and hence grew a lot a algae), we’re going to reorganise a bit and then restart the tank in a sheltered spot that shouldn’t get any direct sunlight. Hopefully we’ll manage to breed some guppies (been an ambition of mine for a while…is that sad?).