April 2006

It’s the munchkin’s 6 month birthday today and she’s celebrating it by being poorly 😦

She has a stinking cold, is very snuffly and has regurgitated all of her last 2 feeds (first one all over me – I needed a bath afterwards! and the second one all over Mr H’s jeans!).It does worry me a bit as she’s had a bit of rash for 10 days now that we could find no reason for, but maybe it was just the first sign that she’s been fighting off this bug for a while. She had us up lot of last night needing cuddles and feeds and comforting before going back to sleep…and waking up again a couple of hours later.

Hopefully she’ll sleep a bit better tonight and feel a bit better in the morning. It’s nice that Mr H has tomorrow off so that I feel I can wake him if I need his help/support (he so rarely gets woken up by the munchkin…grrr)

Anyway, need to go and have dinner….been a bit held up by the munchkin….Bye!


Well, I saw the GP all the other mums at baby group warned me about….he was not much good at listening though he did prescribe me cream and tablets to try and sort out the infection/excema on my foot, he’s also upped my antidepressants and is pleased that the health visitor has refered me on to the mental health team. He was so grumpy, will definately try and avoid him in future…

I am feeling a bit better knowing that things are happening (and that the munchkin’s birthmark is ok) and hopefully we’ll find some reason why I’m struggling with things, it doesn’t appear to be simple post natal depression

Well, the munchkin was a complete flirt at the hospital this morning. Grinning away at all the male doctors and student nurses!

Her birthmark is fine. It doesn’t appear to be growing into her head as her development is completely on track. Phew!

This afternoon’s challenge is to see the GP and try and work out what to try to make me feel better and more on top of things.

Thanks Mrs Aginoth for letting me know that one of my posts has been posted 10 times!!

Blogger was refusing to publish the post and just kept refreshing the page. I gave up after a while (did check my blog inbetween) and posted again later on….grrrr.

Oh well, at least if blogger shows me the same thing again I know that the post will show up eventually! I’ll now go an delete 9 posts!

Got the appointment for the munchkin’s birth mark tomorrow so I’ll post properly after then.

Sleep well! Bye!

Well, my alarm clock went off at 4:40 this morning!!!

The munchkin woke me up by blowing raspberries in her cot. Even without the monitor I would have been able to hear her! I thought she’d go back to sleep, but no…she got more grumpy and I ended up having to get up and feed her before settling her back down. She did go back to sleep for another 3 1/2 hours, but that was the end of a good night’s sleep for me. I did manage to get back to sleep myself, but I’m not good with disturbed nights. I’ve started to get used to the munchkin sleeping through till 6 or even 7 which has helped make me feel a bit better.

I posted a few weeks ago about going back to the doctor for more anti-depressants and feeling better, well, that’s changed. I’ve been finding it harder and harder to cope and have gone back to the point where little things could be the end of the world! The health visitor came round yesterday and has refered me to the community mental health team to try and work out what’s causing my depression and what we can try to help. I was also supposed to be seeing the GP tomorrow to check my prescription, but I’ve just been given an appointment for the munchkin to get her birth mark checked out so I’m going to cancel that and try to see the GP on Friday. I know that finding out about the munchkin’s haemangioma will help reassure me as there’s a slim possibility that it’s growing down into her head.

Anyway, I can hear raspberries again so I need to fetch the munchkin down from her nap. Bye!

…post sooner than this…sorry!

The washing machine is fine. Somehow it decomposed one of my bras which caused the grey residue. It would be one of my favourite bras (typical!)….but it does give me an excuse to go shopping!

We’ve also just spent the weekend at my gran’s house with all of Dad’s side of the family. She’s not much of a computer/technology fan so there’s no internet access there. It was great to see the family, though two weekends running with my sister was hard work. It was made easier by the prescence of Mum, she does help keep us calmer. It was great to introduce the munchkin to my uncle and cousins who hadn’t seen her before Saturday. My uncle doesn’t really like being a great uncle aged 50….it makes him feel old! He was so good with her though. The munchkin is a complete flirt she’s far more likely to smile to laugh at a man or boy than a woman or girl!! At my gran’s party on Saturday all the elderly gents who came to coo at her got grins, but of the women it was rather more hit or miss!

I decided to have a bit of a weekend off WW. It was going to be very hard to count points and no count would have been nigh on impossible when I wasn’t involved in the cooking and we were eating out a bit. I did manage to eat less than I used to do which I’m quite pleased about. We did some nice walks down to the river and along some of the nearby fields.

I love spending time out in the countryside, I wish we could live there one day. At the moment, though, I don’t drive and need to be able to get around to the supermarket myself. I am considering learning, but did start when I was 17 and hated it (I did have a very strange instructor though, he kept needing toilet breaks in the middle of my lessons!). I think Mr H and I will do some sums as we’ll also need to get a second car. Although he’ll be cycling to work fairly often (hopefully!), I hate the idea of driving (and parking) our big Mondeo. I am due some inheritance soon so we can afford to pay for lessons and get a car, it’s whether or not we can afford the insurance on a second car.

The washing machine is on the blink!!!! No idea when we’ll be able to get someone out to fix it. Mr H is calling then when he gets in from work (I’m not technical enough to be explain what’s wrong and what needs doing…) Hopefully they’ll be able to come tomorrow as we’re going away for the weekend on Thursday and need to get some clothes washed for the munchkin. Mr H and I have enough clothes to get by for the moment (may need to wash some of Mr H’s shirts for work though).

How people used to cope without washing machines I have no idea, but then I suppose they just didn’t wash their clothes (or themselves!!) as often as we do today.

I’ll keep you updated as to what happens….

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