I’ve gone a bit overboard on the whole buying baby food thing……we must have in the region of 100 jars, cans and cartons of various types of goo! I ended up spending some time this afternoon categorising them into pure fruit/veg, fruit/veg with rice, sweet/breakfast things with milk, savory things with milk and things with meat/gluten. The munchkin can have the first two of those anytime but we need to wait until she’s actually reached 6 months before giving her milk, gluten or meat.

I did have a bad mummy moment as I was doing this though I dropped one of the glass jars….well of course it broke and the glass went everywhere. The munchkin was happily playing on her mat in the dining room but some of the glass got as far as her!!!! :-O Not a happy H here then! Managed to remove all the glass from around the munchkin and moved her away then swept all the glass into one safe spot for Mr H to clear up when he gets home….