Well Mr H surprised me. We had a lovely day yesterday. He did the night feed (didn’t even bring the munchkin back to the warmth of our bed, but sat on the chair in her room), made me breakfast and lunch (and helped make dinner). He (or rather the munchkin!) also gave me the orchid (lovely one in a vase) and a box of Bendicks mints. I’d managed to save up enough WW points that I could enjoy a few chocs as we sat and watched Batteries Not Included (fab film, even Mr H liked it!). It was just a nice simple day and made me feel loved.

The munchkin even played her part and slept through! Couldn’t believe it when we woke to the alarm at 7:30 without being woken in the night. Was just about to leap out of bed and check on her when I heard he muttering to herself and blowing raspberries in her cot! I feel so much better for getting an undisturbed nights sleep (even though, once again, it took me ages to get to sleep).