I wish the munchkin knew the answer to this question!

She’s refused point blank to sleep properly today. She did about 20 minutes in the car this morning (on the way to Homebase) and another 20 minutes or s on the way back home. She then screamed herself silly about her nap this afternoon and eventually slept for less than half an hour! She really needed at least 3 times that so we’re going to have a grumpy munchkin come bedtime tonight. At least it’s the weekend and Mr H is around to help out.

Mum went back home yesterday. It was so nice to see her (though didn’t get any time for blogging). She’s been finding everything so hard lately but seemed to be coming ok here. She loved spending time with the munchkin (her first grandchild) and seeing how much she’s changed in the last 6 weeks. It’s so easy to get used to Mum being here, she seems to fit into our lives really well, it was odd when she’d gone yesterday, even though she’d only been here 3 days. She babysat for us on Wednesday night so that Mr H and I could have our first night out together since the munchkin was born. It was so lovely to spend time with him, and only him. Don’t get me wrong, I love the munchkin to bits, but it was great to spend some time being me, rather than her mummy.

We ended up at Nandos, much nicer food than McDonalds and the points were ok. I managed to save up loads of points on Tuesday afternoon by walking around town and all the way home again (did about 3/4 of a mile more than we needed to as I got us lost!). Despite having a big dinner then I still managed to weigh in at 1lb less than the week before. Yay! I’m slowly getting there, some of my clothes are starting to get too big and I’m fitting in some of the smaller clothes my sister sent me.