…I want to go to sleep! Can’t believe I’m so tired this early in the evening. Would have quite happily gone to bed at about 8pm. Mad, but never mind, am reminding myself that the clocks change tonight so I’ll be getting an hours less sleep than it seems like when I eventually get there. I’ve sent Mr H upstairs to put the washing out while I try to stay awake down here. We much prefer going to bed at the same time if we can manage it. I find it hard to get to sleep if he’s not there, and I like my goodnight hug!

The munchkin so far hasn’t settled too well, we’ve been up to her twice since we put her down to sleep to sooth her and put her mobile on to help her get back to sleep. Hopefully she’ll sleep reasonably all night. With it being Mothering Sunday tomorrow I’m going to try and persuade Mr H that he should do all night feeds and nasty nappies for those 24 hours. Wish me luck! I do know he’s bought me an orchid for tomorrow. He decided it hide it in the downstairs toilet (also known as the fridge!). It’s so cold in there that I very rarely go in, but today I was pretty desperate, in the middle of cooking lunch and had to run. I’m chuffed he remembered as it’s the first year for a while he’s had to think about it (his mum died in 2000).