…well, a lot later!

Can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. Can’t even claim to have been all that busy either….just exhausted.

A lot has happened since I last posted though.

  • The munchkin has now developed an ear-drum bursting range of squeals. They’re horrific and there seems to be no stopping her once she gets started apart from putting a bottle in her mouth (not always appropriate as I’m sure you’ll understand!). I think she’s imitating the other baby girl that we see at the mums and babies group we go to. All the boys sit/lie/crawl/commando crawl(funny!) silently, while the other little girl sits quite happily then squeals randomly every so often. The munchkin only started it on Thursday after her the other little one doing it on Wednesday…..I’m sure there’s some sort of correlation there….. Mr H hates it though, it is funny for a while, but does deafen you somewhat.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with post natal depression….at least it gives me a reason for being so tired, weepy and grumpy. Am now on anti-ds so hopefully they’ll kick in properly soon and I’ll start to feel somewhat better than I have been. (actually that may be part of the reason I haven’t posted….just not felt like it…..I don’t know!)
  • Mr H has been given a pay rise and a bonus for the one month he was working before Christmas. Means we should be able to go away for a little bit on the summer…..probably still can’t afford to do anything more than camping though :o(
  • The munchkin has grown so much we’re going to have to move her into 3-6 month clothes next week….just as she turns 5 months old! She’s so small (except for her head!), but given the I’m fairly short and Mr H isn’t all that tall and is very skinny it’s not really surprising that she’s little too.
  • I’ve now lost over 1 1/2 stone since the start of the year. Am very pleased with myself. Am now doing WW online as I couldn’t find a class near here that I could get to, but it’s actually working really well so far. The online database is making it easy to find the points values of what I want to eat, and it means I actually keep track of what I’m eating better as the laptop is always on and nearby.

Am just waiting for Tesco to deliver a rather large order of food and baby milk (that stuff is so expensive….wish I could have breast fed!) and then Mum is coming down for a few days. Will try and post when she’s here, she’ll happily look after the munchkin and let me get on with whatever. She’s also going to baby sit one evening so Mr H and I can go out for dinner somewhere. Our challenge is to find somewhere that sells food low in WW points…..hmmmm….still working on that one. Shockingly McDonalds is coming out best so far! Help! What is the world coming too when McDonalds appears to be the best way for me to eat out when I’m on a diet. Am going to do everything I can do so as not to end up there.

Anyway, must go, need to feed the munchkin before the Tesco’s delivery turns up as otherwise, no, doubt, she’ll want feeding 2 minutes before he/she turns up and I’ll have to stop feeding her to sort out the frozen stuff and she’ll throw a paddy!