Hmmm, well, so far this evening I’ve managed to cook hubby a lasagne (from scratch – well cheated on the white sauce!), load the dishwasher, sort the washing and do some tidying…..makes me seem quite domestic goddess like (tis for me anyway!), until I tell you that hubby looked after the munchkin and put her to bed, there are still umpteen boxes around the house from the move (the only room without any is the kitchen-diner – correction there’s still one at the bottom of the stairs!)….

I’m desperate to be more domestic goddess like, but with sleep deprivation and boxes I can’t unpack because hubby hasn’t had chance to fix the bookcases that got damaged in the move (useless, flippin’ flat-pack stuff) I’m certainly failing at the mo. I am a lot more motivated to cook in this house though, much bigger kitchen and infinately better cooker so I’ll get there eventually.

More later if I get a chance need to unload said dishwasher and sterilise the munchkin’s bottles while hubby puts the washing out to dry. Ta-ra for now!