The munchkin had an amazing night last night. Went to sleep at 9:30 and didn’t want feeding until 7:15!!!!!! I can only remember popping her dummy in 2 or 3 times as well! I’m so proud of my little lady. Just wish I’d been able to get to sleep though, 1:30am for me :o( and then having to get up at 8ish to meet the bloke coming to give us a removals quote. She’s napped well the past couple of days too (little sis [nanny] says that the better babies sleep during the day the better they do at night…?….so maybe that’s part of it).

All we need now is for me to be able to get some rest. Hopefully I have no more phone calls to make about the house sale until some point next week. Saw the solicitor today (the munchkin screamed through the whole meeting!), things are all on track to exchange and complete a week on Friday! Very exciting, but incredibly scary too…..I don’t know anyone where we’re going to. I have one friend who lives fairly close, but that’s it :o(

We had a little bit of high drama here earlier. Getting the munchkin ready for bed, decided that it was high time we cut her nails (she managed to scratch me and draw a little blood!). Gave hubby the choice of holding her or using the nail clippers…..macho man decided he’s do both! I’m sure you can guess what’s coming…..nail number 10, all going well till the munchkin decided enough was enough she’d put up with this for too long already, just the screaming wasn’t enough, she’d try to yank her arm away from hubby, cue the nail being cut/torn far too short and bleeding everywhere! She now has one very bloody muslin and a very bloody fist! Had to try and sooth her with some milk while hubby held her hand up to try and limit the bleeding, well it kind of stopped. Unhappy little lady eventually wore herself out and fell asleep in my arms, thumb still oozing a bit of blood. She’s asleep in her cot now, right thumb tucked into her fist as usual, left thumb sticking out, held away from her fingers. :o) Tomorrow morning’s fun will be trying to clean the dried blood from her hand….could be interesting!

Anyway, need to attempt sleep now…..night night!