Ok, so it’s ages since I last posted….sorry!

Had a completely manic week. Our house move has started moving forwards, but it has meant me spending an hour plus on the phone to somebody every day! Whether it’s the solicitor (seeming more inept by the day! maybe more on that later!), the mortgage company, my trust fund trustees, their financial adviser, the estate agent, various insurers (quote for buildings and contents varying between £400 and £700 for basically the same thing?)……I’m sure there’s someone I’ve forgotten……oh……hubby (fairly vital cog in the system being the one with the income who I’m buying the house with!). As well as these phone calls I’ve been trying to look after the munchkin as well, not always the easiest option…..

The munchkin is generally really good, towards the end of last week she was so grizzly at times. She’s refusing point blank to go to sleep when she’s really tired unless we go for a walk or for a drive somewhere. It’s got to the point some evenings where I actually have to rock her to sleep! It’s so draining, and I know hubby is finding it hard when he can’t sooth her (he’s the wrong shape…….missing a couple of vital components!). She did sleep amazingly well on Friday night, from about 11pm till 7:30, so novel and so needed. Every time I heard her stirring I hit her Slumber bear and put her dummy in her mouth. Have tried it on the nights since, but it hasn’t worked so well, she is consistently sleeping 5/6 hours though between feeds (11pm/midnight until4/5/6am). Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before she sleeps through properly……well I can dream can’t I?? :o)

Well that’s all for now, need to go and get some sleep, have got a removal company coming round tomorrow to give me a quote for moving us so will need to get up relatively early….. :o(