Sorry about the lack of posts the last few days, have been really tired……

The munchkin is great, mornings are difficult…..she’ll not sleep in the morning’s no matter how tired she is, but she will sleep in the afternoons, she’s slept most of the last 4 hours….. :o)

We’ve had to put her into her cot now, our moses basket was borrowed from a friend and if we’d kept her in it she’d kick it to pieces eventually, she’s such a wriggle-bum! She looks so tiny in her cot, even in her baby sleeping bag (which is huge!).

Can’t believe how much she’s growing, put the munchkin in a new jumper today that my sister gave her for Christmas, the sizing says up to 3 months (the munchkin is a small, nearly 11 weeks) and it only just fits her, will probaby only be able to wear it for about a week longer. Have spent today trying to find her a new top to go with the trousers we were given…..why, oh, why are Gap’s clothes so small? It’s the most gorgeous top ever, creamy cotton, with a pink ribbon threaded through the middle of it…….so sad she’ll not wear it for long :o(

Anyway, better go, need to feed the munchkin.