The title says it all really. Got back from a quick shopping trip at 2, the munchkin wanted feeding immediately… off we go. She gobbled down 3 1/2 oz really quickly, brought no wind up whatsoever, so I gave up. She drank another 2 oz and then stopped for winding… massive burp later and we’re sitting in around 5 oz of regurgitated milk! Urgh!
The only clothes she was wearing to survive were her socks and shoes, all that survived that I had on were my bra and socks (soaked through my jeans to my knickers!!!)!!! Thank God for leather sofas! that got soaked too down my the arm, most of it I could wipe off the leather but some of it went into the fabric [cheap sofa so leather only the bits you can see! :o) ], hopefully we’ll be able to get most of it out and not leave a smell behind.
The munchkin was still hungry after all this, drank an oz, brought it back up and we gave up. She sat in front of her entertainment system (aka the washing machine) while I washed up for the first time in a week (I know, shocking, but somebody is taking up a huge amount of time and energy – as and when we move into our new house [whole other story] we’re definately getting a washing machine). She did have 3 oz later on this afternoon, kept it down and actually fell asleep for a bit (only an hour or so).
Since hubby came home from work she’s been an angel. Lots of gorgeous smiles and a fantastic babbling when I kissed her. What a change! Why can’t she be like this with me?
Actually she’s not too bad most of the time….it’s just this afternoon she’s sent me mad. The munchkin as angelic this morning, I had to pop into town to the bank and from the time we left home, until we got on the bus to come back almost 3 hours later she slept!