I’ve got my first weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow lunchtime (guess who’s eating lunch after the meeting??). Weighed 12 st 5 lbs last week so hoping I’ve made a good start to the weight loss. I have tried to be very good, staying within my points (actually not used them all this week so have some spare to enjoy sour cream and real cheese with my fajitas at dinner – yum!). Hopefully the hard work will have paid off.
I’ve also got to take the munchkin to the hospital for a scan of her hip in the afternoon. At her 6 week check the doctor found that her right hip was what they call clicky so we have to go and get it checked. It’s likely to be ok and just loose ligaments caused by hormones left over from when she was inside me but may be a problem with the joint. We’ll find out tomorrow.